Looking for Healthy Party Foods?


All of us here at Finger Foods, love parties. Who doesn’t? It’s a great way to kick back and relax after a hectic work week. But for most people on a diet and counting their calories, a party spells trouble. Here’s some healthy party food that you can serve to help ease their guilty conscience.


Bruschetta Meal


1. Bruschetta

Bruschetta is one of the easiest and healthiest party food to make. You just need a slice of toasted Italian bread and add a delicious mix of basil, tomatoes, olive oil and garlic. The olive oil contains healthy fats which help your body more readily absorb the nutrients in the tomatoes. The tomatoes, as you might have heard, contain lycopene, which is an antioxidant that can help stave off heart disease and cancer.


salsa mexican food


2. Salsa

When it comes to a choice of dips, salsa is one of the healthiest options out there. This Mexican condiment offers many health benefits, mostly in the form of lycopene. The cooked, processed tomatoes are the best source of this cancer-fighting lycopene since the heat makes it more easily absorbed by your body. Most salsa also only has up to five calories per tablespoon, with no added sugar or fat. This makes it much healthier than other condiments such as ketchup, which has a lot of added sugar. To top it all off, salsa is high in vitamin C, vitamin, B6 and vitamin A, as well as being a good source of magnesium and iron. This easily makes it a healthy accompaniment to your finger foods.


people barbecuing skewered meats


3. Chicken Kebabs

Chicken kebabs are usually grilled and skinless, so they don’t contain that much fat or calories. Also, if you choose a teriyaki glaze, there is less than a teaspoon of sugar.



4. Sushi

Although there has been some debate about how healthy sushi is, in general, we would still consider it a healthy party food (as long as you go easy on the oh-so-tasty Japanese mayo). Salmon and tuna contain Omega 3, and seaweed contains minerals from the sea. Fingerfoods.com.au offers sushi as part of our cold finger food party menu, and it also seems to be snapped up quickly by those on a diet.


glasses of wine on the table


5. Red Wine

Of course, technically, wine isn’t a food but who cares? It’s full of polyphenol which helps protect the lining of your heart vessels and lowers blood pressure, aids circulation and promotes better overall heart health. A key ingredient in red wine, resveratrol, has been getting a fair bit of attention lately. It helps reduce bad cholesterol, prevents blood clots as well as prevents damage to blood vessels. Early research suggests that resveratrol could be linked to a reduced risk of inflammation and blood clotting (these can lead to heart disease).


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