kids celebrating halloween with pumpkins

So, Halloween is almost upon us. Next, to New Year’s Eve, Halloween is probably one of the most fun party events of the year (at least here at There are a ton of great parties happening in Sydney that you could go to. But frankly, we think it’s more fun if you throw your own Halloween party.

If you have yet to start planning your Halloween party, then we are sure you already know that you are running it a bit close – it’s just two weeks away! You need all the help you can get, so we have prepared a quick guide here just for you.


Halloween Party Planning Tips from a Caterer

1.  Decide on the Date

Halloween might fall on October 31, but that doesn’t mean that you have to throw your Halloween party on that date. This is especially true since it falls on a work night this year. So ask your guests which day might be best for them (we prefer the weekend before) and set the date.

2. Send Out Invitations

Of course, don’t forget to inform your guests when you have confirmed the date – you will be surprised how many people do. In case you didn’t notice, we are in the middle of the Information Age, so you can simply send them out via emails, e-vites or even create your own Facebook event. And don’t forget to set the time as well.

3. Plan the Decorations

Other than the costumes, this is what makes Halloween parties so much fun – the decorations! Decide on what kind of decorations you want to have for your party. Some simple and classic ones include spider webs and headstones made out of Styrofoam. Unless, of course, you want to go crazy with your Halloween decorations like these people here.

4. Get People Involved

One of the ‘tricks’ to a successful Halloween party is to get as many people involved as possible. Let them ‘own’ the party, and you don’t have to worry about entertaining bored-looking guests. For Halloween, we like to get them involved in helping set up the decorations. This, in itself, is usually quite fun as they are allowed to, nay, encouraged to express their creativity.

5. A Costume Contest?

Costume contests are quite popular for Halloween. Hopefully, it gets people to dress up more extravagantly for your party, making it more fun (and more shareable on Facebook and Twitter, of course). You don’t have to prepare expensive prizes anyway. Just something fun or quirky that shows your appreciation for the effort the winners put in on their costumes.

6. Get a Professional Caterer

Of course, we wouldn’t leave this point out. You already have so many things to do, why do you want to add deciding on the menu, buying ingredients, preparing those ingredients, cooking the food, storing the food and cleaning up afterward into your to-do list? Just get a professional caterer! We provide delicious finger food catering not only for Sydney, but for Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Canberra as well. This means that you can have great finger food for your party, no matter where you may be.


If you do decide to make your own food for your Halloween party, you can check this list from If not, well, come and request a quote from us. Don’t you have to get started on your decorations already?